Sound, light and audio SPEcs

  • videoprojector (VGA/HDMI/DVI-plug-ins) and whitescreen
  • 4 wireless shure-microphones
  • 2 headset-microphones
  • 1 gooseneck microphone
  • a network socket and wireless internet-connection
  • 12 spotlights and a lighting control desk
  • 2 XLR inputs on the stage
  • 2 speakers and a sound control desk with a 10 channel mixer, EQ and amplifier
  • 3,5mm headphone cable, that you can attach your laptop or phone into the sound system with
  • 2 pcs of 32 amp power sockets
  • several power outlets both in the ballroom and lobby


  • 161 white Chairik 101 chairs with a leather seat
  • approx. 15 red Chairik 101 chairs with a red seat
  • 35 Louis Ghost by Philippe Starck designchairs
  • a speaker podium
  • coat racks in the first floor lobby for 200 pax
  • 10 cocktail tables á 60cm x 110cm
  • 30 tables á 80cm x 180cm
  • 3 high chairs
  • 9 stage modules, 100cmx200cmx40cm /module
  • Yamaha grand piano
  • 2 note stands
  • 2 microphone stands
  • 4 red notice boards on wheels, board size 148cm x 118 cm

size of the ballroom

The ballroom fits:

  • for seminars seated in rows approx. 180 pax
  • for a cocktail event approx. 200 pax
  • sit-down dinner approx. 150 henkeä

The size of the ballroom is 160m² (10,40m x 15,60m) and hight approx. 8 m. The size of the 2nd floor lobby is approx. 130m² (n. 5m x 26m).


From the 'For the event organiser' link you will find anwsers to most frequently asked questions and more information on organising an event in G18 Ballroom. For the time being this file is only available in Finnish. 

Your table plan and the below 'additional information form' should be filled out and returned to latest two weeks before the event. 


For the  event organiser (in finnish)

Additional information form

Juhlasali G18     Yrjönkatu 18, 00120 Helsinki     p. 050 447 1314


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