These menus are perfect for an informal event or any kind of celebration!

Antipasto all'italiana

Famous Italian starters made for you
Served for everyone to share, including cold meats, cheeses, bread and vegetables.


Large charcuterie platter

prosciutto di Norcia – dry cured ham from Umbria region
bresaola – dry cured beef loin
finocchiona – fennel flavored salami

Large cheese platter

pecorino stagionato – 12 month cured pecorino
pecorino semistagionato – half cured pecorino
grana padano 24 mesi - 24 months cured grana cheese

Caprese salad

tomato and mozzarella salad with basil

Fresh baked focaccia bread



Pjazza's famous meter pizza

Made from a dough risen at least 72 hours, a show stopper of 30 x 100 cm brought ready sliced.
Everyone gets to taste a little everything! 


Sicillian vegetable stew with aubergines and other vegetables

Coming soon:

Italian street food menu

Easy and tasty delicacies from Italy's rich street food tradition